04 Oct 2012

New Release Product: Slim Dusty Classic 5 Album Sets

A stunning range of Slim Dusty 5CD sets are available now from stores across Australia including JB HI FI, Sanity, Leading Edge Music and online at iTunes. Great music at a great price. The best way to complete your collection across the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's.

Here's the breakdown of albums in each set:

Slim Dusty 1990 Classic Albums: Coming Home, Ringer From the Top End, Natural High, Country Way of Life, '99

Slim Dusty 1980's Classic Albums: The Man Who Steadies the Lead, Where Country Is, On the Wallaby, Stories I Wanted to Tell, Cattlemen From the High Plains and Other Places

Slim Dusty 1970's Classic Albums: Songs from the Land I Love, Live At Tamworth, Lights on the Hill, Things I See Around Me, Walk a Country Mile

Slim Dusty 1960's Classic Albums: Songs for Rolling Stones, Songs of Australia, Australian Bush Ballads and Old Time Songs, Songs from the Cattle Camps, Cattle Camp Crooner

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