Wednesday September 30, 2015.


Slim Dusty_Den Tapes


To coincide with the long awaited opening of The Slim Dusty Centre and Museum in Kempsey in November, EMI Music is proud to announce the release of a new Slim Dusty album, The Den Tapes. Released on November 13th, the new album features all previously unreleased recordings by Australia’s legendary King of Country. These are the last known unreleased recordings by Slim Dusty.


The Den Tapes is a 10 song collection of recently unearthed solo material recorded on cassette by Slim himself in his small office ‘den’ at home. These unique solo acoustic recordings show Slim’s raw talent at its very best.  His relaxed performances on this collection of home recordings are pure and simply brilliant…and it is simply Slim’s voice and a guitar!


For posterity no doubt, sometime in the late 90′s, Slim started recording and collating these private recordings of his favourite songs from his youth. Traditional Aussie songs which he grew up listening to back on his family farm, they are songs which probablyinspired and shaped his own future musical direction. Slim’s longtime producer Rod Coe discovered this personal collection of solo recordings on a single cassette by sheer accident when looking for something else in Slim’s Den.


To quote Slim’s wife and songwriter Joy McKean: “The songs you have here are some of those he heard and learned from the radio and the old portable gramophone when he was just a quiet country boy up in the isolated Nulla Nulla Creek. Many decades later, as a nationally known and loved singer and travelling showman, he still turned to the old songs for the pure enjoyment of singing them”.


In a career spanning over so many audio and visual formats this latest release will be the first time a Slim Dusty album has been released simultaneously in three formats of Vinyl LP, CD and Digital download.


Leaving the final comments on The Den Tapes to Slim’s wife, Joy McKean says, “These recordings reveal a very happy album; a man and his guitar, singing for the absolute joy of it…just singing”.  


The Slim Dusty Centre, in Slim’s hometown of Kempsey, is a multi purpose facility that includes a Museum, a Travelling Exhibition Gallery, a Visitors Centre, a retail shop called The General Store, a Function Centre and the Dusty’s Dinner Camp Café. What began as a conversation backstage after a show between Slim Dusty AO MBE, Joy McKean OAM and some members of the Macleay Valley Coast community, has resulted in the much anticipated Slim Dusty Centre which will open its doors to the public from October 17 ahead of the official gala opening on November 19.


The Den Tapes will be available on CD, Digital & Limited Edition Vinyl LP

Release date: November 13, 2015

 Available to pre-order now


Wednesday August 12, 2015.

Slim's first Golden Guitar

It might be surprising for Slim Dusty fans to learn that the number of Golden Guitars won by the legendary Australian, Slim Dusty, has increased from 37 to 38, despite the fact that Slim died some 12 years ago in 2003. In fact, neither Slim nor his music, has won another of the prized trophies presented in Tamworth each year in January. It’s simply a matter of rectifying a mistake that was made in the statistics many decades ago.

The inaugural Australasian Country Music Awards were staged by Radio 2TM in the Tamworth Town Hall on a very hot Sunday night on January 28th 1973. The initial Award that compere Kevin Knapp announced that historic night was for APRA Song of The Year. To present the Award, well known composer, George Dasey (They’re a Weird Mob), was invited to the stage and he presented the first ever Golden Guitar to Joy McKean for her composition “Lights On The Hill”.

For many years Slim has been credited for winning only two Golden Guitars at those first Awards in 1973. One was for the Best EP or Single (Lights on the Hill) and another for the Best 12” LP Album (Me And My Guitar). But, recently, Joy McKean and Anne Kirkpatrick have been going through the collection of Slim memorabilia, preparing it for the move to The Slim Dusty Centre in Kempsey later this year, and discovered an extra Golden Guitar from 1973 and were puzzled about it. They wondered if it could be a duplicate they had acquired for some reason.

However, after checking a rare tape recording of the first Awards in 1973, from the Tamworth Sound and Film Archive, it was discovered that Slim had also been awarded a Golden Guitar as the artist who sang Joy’s Best Composition, (Lights On The Hill). So now we know that Slim won three Golden Guitars in January 1973, and not the two that had been counted previously. Things changed considerably in later presentations; 2TM dropped the Golden Guitar for the singer of the Best Composition and also, Golden Guitars given to winning record companies were dropped.

With the Slim Dusty Centre in Kempsey nearing completion, it is appropriate that the great Slim Dusty is now credited with the third forgotten trophy he won in 1973, bringing his grand total up to 38 Golden Guitars awards, unmatched to date.

Commenting on the change, the Secretary of the Country Music Association of Australia, Meryl Davis said, “It’s great to see Slim’s tally of Golden Guitars being updated. As a person who contributed so much to Australian country music, Slim deserves all the recognition and thanks we can give him. It will be exciting to see the Golden Guitars he won, on display in the Slim Dusty Centre.” 

All of Slim’s 38 Golden Guitars awards will be on display in a special feature at the Slim Dusty Museum in Kempsey when it opens in October this year.

For more information: Slim Dusty Centre (02) 65626533 or Max Ellis 0438667314 or